Wednesday, September 24, 2008

1. On the walking tour with guide
2. Logan doing a half-turn and holding rattle and sarong
3. Republic Square on Independence Day


Karyn said...

Hey Hayley

These are sooo cool. I did my best to raise Pete 'proper right' but some things just didn't absorb well or maybe just needed some reinforcement! My goodness Logan is growing. He looks less like Pete and more like you now - so gets cuter by the day.

Thanks again for keeping the blog up to date - it's such a delight to read and see the pictures.

Flying Kiwi said...

Hey, cool to see more kiwis over here. We are not so common. You are definitely brave bringing your little baby with you! Yerevan is a nice place though, i wish i lived there!

keep the blogs coming! I will put you on my bloglist if that is ok?

Young Kiwis in Armenia said...

Thanks Karyn - so lovely to have comments!
And Logan is looking more cute and he is so much fun to be around...but I don't know where that came from!