Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New nephew/cousin

Yay! We have a new nephew. Jayden Allen arrived last week. He is very cute (unfortunately I have no photos to post though) I was actually on the computer every 10 min last week waiting for photos - they never arrived though. Luckily I have Facebook and Skype!
Mum and Bubs are doing well. Jayden weighed in at 3.75kg - just a tiny bit more than Logan.

Wow - Logan is developing fast this week. He is picking up toys now and smiling a lot (especially at his Dad...grrr does he forget who feeds him?) Speaking of - bit of a growth spurt this week - which is great... now he's headed for the 50th percentile in weight.
He has been sleeping thru the night since 8 weeks and most of the time is just a lovely satisfied baby...always sleeps when we go out :) 
Pleased to see NZ's weather is improving. Its lovely here now...Autumn and so comfortable. Not looking forward to the Winter though!


Anonymous said...

Logan is looking so cute - what a smile in his jailbird outfit!


Kate said...

Logan is sooo gorgeous!! Pleased to hear he is fattening up - his cousin is getting pretty chubby too (he weighed 3.575kg, so a mere 60g difference). Also 52cm. Please post some more photos of you, Pete, Armenia and of course Logan!!! Kate, Sam & Jayden xxx :)