Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Walking tour of Yerevan and 17 years independence

Amazing how quickly time is going! Logan and I have been here nearly 5 weeks now. Firstly - pic of Kate (my sister) and Sam's little on Jayden. He is very cute and apparently gaining weight fast!
Logan and I are settling into a routine now.  I am learning to cook (I think I can hear laughter from here!) and Logan is learning all the other skills necessary to be a smart baby. Last week was grabbing toys, this week its the half-turn.

As a family we went for a 2 hour free walk around Yerevan run by the Envoy Hostel here. It was really interesting and we had a funny smart guide too. Funny thing is I was more worried about Pete's behaviour than Logan's because Pete hates tours - but both boys behaved well!
Then on Sunday night we went out for dinner to celebrate Armenia's Independence and had a walk around the busy Square.  Look at he next post for the photos...

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