Monday, September 1, 2008

Trip to the markets and around Yerevan

Thanks for the comments - like all of you I wasn't sure I could do this myself! 
Friday was quite fun. Walked Logan down to Republic Square and had lunch in a cafe there. It was all going so well till I had to pay and they didn't accept credit card which was my only way of paying! Fortunately there was a bank across the road so I was escorted there by the waiter and paid cash (it wasn't like I would do a runner with a pram!)

Friday night we went out for  a lovely dinner and Logan performed like a star. I really hope this behaviour continues! We have found that - as long as he is part of the action he has no problems. If you try and put him in a quiet room - that's when the trouble starts!
On Saturday night we had a lovely dinner with Iranian food...mmm...very good!! And salty - so the red wine went down a treat :)
Yesterday we had another trip to the markets which Pete loves doing and I can think of a few people reading this post that would love it too! Probably the only downside is the multiple butchers along the pathway. If you ever thought that meat came from a fridge - this sight would quickly change your opinion. Oh - and there are no fridges... so the meat bakes there in 30-40 degree heat....
But the fruit and veggies are amazing - you can get anything - peaches, plums, nectarines, berries (the punnet shown was $3.60 - with raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and another berry I do not know!), figs, pomegranites, oranges, bananas, even kiwifruit!
Following this we went for a big walk around the Opera House and Vernaissage ( I think that's right) where artists display their works.
Today I did a big walk from the apartment back to that area. It is much busier on a weekday - though I think it must be school holidays. I have never seen so many well-dressed 15y olds - seriously our school balls were more casual. Though I could do with some fashion advice from some of them!!
Key to photos:
1. Logan and I in the park around the Opera
2. Logan and Pete foreground of Opera
3. Logan getting ready to tackle the markets (Pete dressed him!)
4. Berries at the market
5. Fresh produce on the way to the market
6. Republic square



Family! said...

Lovely to see your pictures. Very happy to know you're getting around yourself. Will send you an email soon!

Lotsa luv to all 3 of you!

Mum, Dad and Brett

Anne said...

Hello Armenian Kiwi Trio!
It's so lovely to keep up with your new adventure! What a cool idea, I'm rather impressed you had the no-how to set it up. I have to say, Logan must be one of the cutest babies ever. And so clever- reading at such an early age...
Good to hear you're out and about confusing the locals and exploring. The market sounds great.

Life in Queenstown is still lots of fun and as it's snowing again today it doesn't feel as if things are coming to an end quite as abrubtly as they did last week!

Lots of love,

Anonymous said...


You look like you may have gone 'native' with that head scarf on :-)