Monday, September 8, 2008

Logan's first sail

Hi everyone!
Thanks for the comments :) I was hoping to post some video today but unfortunately we are still figuring out how to get the video on the computer - so photos will have to do.
Yesterday we went sailing on a catamaran for Edith (one of Peter's friends) birthday on Lake Sevan. This is basically the only big body of water Armenia has. It is apparently the third largest high-altitude lake.
We got down to the lake at 1pm (after Pete had done the fruit and veggie shopping and made breakfast!) and went sailing for four hours. Logan seemed to really enjoy the fresh air and sunshine at first - but when he started to grizzle a little we took him downstairs into the cabin where he promptly fell asleep (and stayed asleep for the next six hours!)

That allowed us to have dinner after sailing in a small Armenian restaurant selling fresh trout as well as other BBQ'd meats. The food here is very delicious and fresh. Lots of cheese, yoghurt, fresh vegetables and breads are served with most meals. Jalapenos and pickles are often served too. And , of course, vodka for the toasts - which are always positive, flattering and warm.

Speaking of Vodka - Pete got 20y Brandy for Father's Day. Very considerate of Logan as I do believe Mum loves the brandy too. Happy Father's Day to all Fathers, Grandfathers and Great Grandfathers out there xxx

Key to photos 
 1. Hayley on the catamaran
2. Edith and her friend Alex
3. The view from the boat
4 and 5 Logan on his first sail 

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Anonymous said...

Such proud parents - hope that you are having a great time exploring the country - keep up the reading to Logan Pete!