Monday, February 9, 2009


Hi everyone!

Hope all is well. We thought we would send the last pics of the snow...because most of it has melted now! Makes walking around a lot safer. Speaking of mobilising - Logan has clicked onto how to crawl. It happened one day before his 7 month birthday. Now he is gathering speed and moves rooms pretty quickly.
One more week and we will be back in NZ so hopefully there is still a bit of sunshine left. From the weather a scorcher!
Can't complain here though - it is very mild now. We have turned down the heaters and have a few windows open.

Anyway - better catch the little one....

Photos: Ski field, Logan bundled up, the water frozen in the pipes (which burst/fall off etc), Pete and Logan in the park (Pete got a haircut later that day...whew)
And...the crawler..