Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Goris...and first cold

We had our first weekend away! South to a town called Goris. Stopped at a few sights along the way. The first was Norovank "New Monastry" ...Don't know what is so new - it was built in  the 13th century!
We had a few more stops on the way - saw the Armenian Stonehenge. Got stung by a nettle when Pete said - "is that mint?" I went down to pick it - and it most certainly wasn't. I suppose that was a prize for my stupidity!
Logan did really well on the trip except at bedtime when I was starting to wonder if we should have gone away at all! Poor fella has had his first cold this week so he has been a little more grumpy than usual Here he is before the cold hit with a lil laugh at Dad's hiccup:
1. Monastry outside Goris
2. Where we had lunch en route to Goris
3. Edith and Logan (cap from Dave & Manue in Paris)
4. Norovank

Happy Halloween for Fri!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Taking the bull by the horns...

1. Pete taking the bull by the horns
2. Park near The Opera
3. Cascade Museum
4. The markets on Saturday
5 & 6 Mum and Logan

Sorry about the lack of posting! Internet was down for a few days and camera ran out of batteries! We are also trying to post a video clip - its not ready yet...but should be by next time. Not too much has happened over the past couple of weeks. Logan is getting to be more fun every day. He is now grasping with both hands and occasionally surprises all of us (incl himself ) with rolling. 
The weather has definitely taken on more of a chill - although it is a beautiful day outside today. Hey here is a little video of Logan with his toys.

Pete is well. He is still helping me cook (ie taking over) when he gets home from work. I don't really mind though - I think everyone knows he is a better cook than me. But I have been trying - with some experiments (vegetarian lasagna) more successful than others (beetroot soup).
Had to make the soup because I bought beetroot when I thought I had turnips!!
We are heading away for the weekend this weekend - so hopefully I will be back next week with photos from outside Yerevan.
Love to all - and Happy Birthday to Great Grandma Lyn for tomorrow. xx

Friday, October 3, 2008

3 months!!

Logan is 3 months today...and he rolled!!! Yay! Tummy-to-back. First for me while Pete was out shopping - then he showed Dad when he got back! Birthday present for Mum and Dad :)


Hi All...

Well it was my 30th birthday on the 30th. Officially the last time I will be honest about my age. Was going to make it a resolution about wearing make-up every day...but that might have to wait till my 35th or 29th...depending how you look at it.

I was spoilt by Pete. Family too - tho there seems to be an issue with Armenian post and addresses (or wrong addresses...oops!)
Anyway - went out for lunch and Pete cooked a great dinner. Logan was a honey all day (OK - he grizzled at around 8pm then fell asleep).
My only issue with my little boy is that his weight has been the same for 3 weeks now...grrr. Started eating almonds and oatmeal and having the odd stout too!
Hopefully he passes 6kg next week! The photos are of Logan and Pete at lunch and home, the view from our balcony and Logan expressing how I must feel getting old!