Friday, October 3, 2008

3 months!!

Logan is 3 months today...and he rolled!!! Yay! Tummy-to-back. First for me while Pete was out shopping - then he showed Dad when he got back! Birthday present for Mum and Dad :)


Tracey said...

His face is gorgeous scrunched up - bet he'll love that photo when he's 21! Any more recent ones? How is the weather in Armenia treating you at the moment? Talk soon. xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Folks! Awwww.. He is just too cute. Hope you are all keeping well and getting out and about seeing the country. Hayley what are you doing with yourself during the days?
Glenda and Clyde

Young Kiwis in Armenia said...

Thanks Trace - we have it earmarked as a 21st pic! I somehow find myself fairly busy Glenda - tho sometimes I am not sure what I do either!!