Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Goris...and first cold

We had our first weekend away! South to a town called Goris. Stopped at a few sights along the way. The first was Norovank "New Monastry" ...Don't know what is so new - it was built in  the 13th century!
We had a few more stops on the way - saw the Armenian Stonehenge. Got stung by a nettle when Pete said - "is that mint?" I went down to pick it - and it most certainly wasn't. I suppose that was a prize for my stupidity!
Logan did really well on the trip except at bedtime when I was starting to wonder if we should have gone away at all! Poor fella has had his first cold this week so he has been a little more grumpy than usual Here he is before the cold hit with a lil laugh at Dad's hiccup:
1. Monastry outside Goris
2. Where we had lunch en route to Goris
3. Edith and Logan (cap from Dave & Manue in Paris)
4. Norovank

Happy Halloween for Fri!

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