Thursday, December 11, 2008

We're back!!

Sorry for the delay/absence! Logan and I made a trip back to NZ for 4 weeks...well 3 in NZ and a few days in Singapore. It was great :)
Long flight with a lil one but he behaved really well. We went swimming in lovely warm Singapore and Logan had a ball with all 4 of his grandparents. Oooh - and it was nice to have babysitters :)
He also got to meet his lil/big cousin Jayden (who now weighs 400g more than him despite being 10 weeks younger! They are going to have fun together!
The weather in NZ wasn't too bad either... just warming up for Christmas. Logan is now sitting unsupported (for brief periods), rolling both ways and eager as a beaver to crawl...covering some distance. Like when he hid behind the door after my shower this morning and I thought he had disappeared. Heart-stopping moment.

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